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Superlative Life is a lifestyle platform designed to enrich and encourage your family nucleus. We aim to bring you thought-provoking and practical content on health and fitness, entrepreneurship, growth hacking, parenting and more.

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Gavin & Kerry
Gavin & Kerry

The journey so far…

We started our first business together in 2003, got married and immigrated in 2007, and started a family in 2012. In this time we have experienced mountain top elation (business success and starting a family) and have also walked through dark valleys (facing the loss of our unborn son, being told he may never walk and experiencing business failure). It is said one learns more in adversity than in victory and this has indeed been the truth for us!

When Matt was born (after making it through an extremely challenging pregnancy), we oscillated between the joy of being parents, the fatigue of becoming parents, and the dark nights of the soul that came with learning that our incredible son had Arthrogryposis, Talipes (clubfoot) and no use of his legs below the knees.

In short, this was our deepest valley, and the perpetual cycle of a negative mindset enveloped us for probably the last six months of our pregnancy and the first six months of Matt’s life. In this time we lost two businesses – one being a potentially significant business that we had worked many years to see come to fruition. We then moved from our family home in the suburbs to a small urban high-rise council flat to be nearer to Matt’s two specialist hospitals in central London. These were dire times emotionally, health-wise and financially. Thankfully, the day came when we became sick and tired of being sick and tired, and we realised that we could not continue to live in this state any longer – if only for Matt’s sake and nothing else – we had hit rock bottom.

The Knoesen Family: Gavin, Kerry & Matt
The Knoesen Family: Gavin, Kerry & Matt 2015

Living with purpose…

We started a business, started exercising again, started setting goals and we started our @meetingmatthew project to inspire and uplift Matt. We clawed ourselves up emotionally, financially and in our health. Little did we know that these challenges and this time in our lives would become the catalyst for some of our greatest strengths to be forged, and provide us with the opportunity to help others.

Three years later and we have never been clearer, more committed or more compelled by our vision for our family, relationships and business. Superlative Life exists because of the setbacks we have faced, the challenges we have overcome and our realisation of what is truly a fulfilling way of life – living with purpose.


Gav, Kerry, Matt, Tim and The Fonz Dog 2016

In September 2016 Tim joined our family, and we feel incredibly blessed and grateful – it almost seems we can’t remember life without him. It has been such a privilege to see Matt’s love for his new brother come to the surface and to see him jump head first into the role of “the big brother”.

We hope you find massive value on this platform and in our community. We aim to bring you articles, interviews and insights intended to encourage and motivate you to begin living life proactively and with intention.

The best is ahead – we look forward to growing with you!

Gav, Kerry, Matt & Tim