This probably won’t be the only blog post you see over the coming weeks urging you to beware of the new year resolution and why you shouldn’t cloak your ambitions in the itchy hessian sack that they typically are. Rather here is a way to High 5 your approach to your new year resolutions, with a fresh and sustainable approach.

I decided to write something to serve as a piece to which I will remain accountable not only personally but publicly too. Our mission at Superlative Life is to High 5 our day in the areas of Family, Finance, Food, Fitness and Foundation. This provides as good a framework as I could have hoped for as to how to focus my energies and efforts.

This post is going to serve as a precursor to my impending goals for next year, which I’m going to share publicly and then vlog my progress (as I write that I break into a sudden cold sweat). But one thing I have learned over the past few years is the power of accountability – progress and growth begins where our comfort zone dissolves and thus my decision to get uncomfortable with my growth.

“The more you seek the uncomfortable the more you will become comfortable” Conor McGregor

More than a public declaration of my goals I hope this will prompt you to think of your goals for next year in context of your Daily High 5 – and compel you to begin to reflect and take inventory of this past year so that you can plan your year ahead.

  • Set yourself up for a win – We often make the desired outcome the goal, instead of realising that the goal is a result of a multitude of smaller wins, complied and compounded over time. SO, when setting your goals for 2017 break them down to monthly, weekly or where necessary, daily objectives. This enables you to always know where you are and if you deviate from the plan you always know what you need to do to get back on track.
  • Revisit your goals regularly – It used to be said that the act of writing down your goals as opposed to just keeping them in your head increased the probability of achieving them exponentially. Whilst there is truth in this I think we can all agree that once they are written down, unless we revisit them often, they will begin to fade. This is why it’s imperative to read through your goals every day, and if not then at least a few times a week. This creates an interesting transition from a goal being something of pursuit to it becoming a declaration, and mentally this is a massive step up.
  • Be grateful – We can get so caught up in the pursuit and what we need to change or improve that we forget to be grateful for all that we do have. No matter how challenging the circumstance or tough the day, there are always elements that we are able to express gratitude for. Gratitude is a state, dwell in this state and so many other facets of life take on a different shade and begin to fall into place.
  • Don’t beat yourself up – You will have days when you miss the mark, this isn’t about perfection it’s about progress. Keep moving in the right direction – adjust course where necessary but keep moving forward. You won’t move ahead beating yourself up over yesterday’s missed opportunities or moments of weakness.
  • Encourage others – Find the opportunity to support someone else in their own goals. This is powerful when couples support one another and/or their children – if we are working together and making progress together it creates a change of culture in our environment and is catalyst to creating momentum.
  • Celebrate the milestones – Reinforce the association of commitment and effort with reward. This, on a subconscious level creates leverage and helps when the temptation to let your commitment lapse raises its head. Choose your rewards wisely – a tub of Ben and Jerry’s after a week of gym and clean eating is not creating the right association. Instead, maybe a few squares of a 70% Dark Chocolate will suffice.

I will be goal setting for the year ahead using our High 5 Categories

Family – My relationship with my wife Kerry, and my relationship with our Boys

Finance – Revenue, Savings, Investments, Giving, Projects

Food – Plan, Eradicate, Create

Fitness – Measurements, Activity, Challenges

Foundation – Reading, Mindfulness, Reflection, Philosophy

Hopefully this will provide you with some food for thought and a basic framework for your goal setting for the new year. I look forward to getting uncomfortable with my commitment, to sharing this next year’s goals by being publicly accountable and vlogging my journey.

The best is ahead!

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