“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

And so here it is, our first step toward fulfilling our vision to encourage and equip couples, parents and families to realise and lead purposeful, authentic lives.

Our project, @meetingmatthew has opened many doors and given us access to an array of high performers and achievers, at the same time it has caused our paths to cross with unknown and unsung hero’s, individuals who have risen above circumstance and adversity to create purposed and fulfilled lives.

It has been our privilege to witness first hand the power of resolve and the unconquerable human spirit. We have also come to realise that a degree of unconscious resignation seems to take root in many of our minds in the context of what we are able to achieve or overcome the older we get and the greater our responsibilities become. This need not be the case.

Superlative Life is catalyst for change, a platform and community designed to encourage, equip and challenge us as individuals, couples and parents. Our futures are unwritten and we have the ability at anytime to choose to begin to move toward a compelling, authentic and fulfilled way of life.

So welcome to the collective journey, this is your community and we look forward to sharing insights, experiences and ideas. Please share our site and community with anyone you believe this message will resonate with.

The best is ahead,

Gav, Kerry, Matt and “Sibi”